Cell Tower would be on the Catoosa & Walker County line

Zoning Hearing postponed; Zoning Notice removed

Verizon has requested to postpone the zoning hearing regarding the Watoosa cell tower plan. Catoosa Planning and Zoning Office has removed the notice sign from Richardson’s property, and taken the case off of the April 22, 2014 Planning Commission agenda. We still plan to attend the hearing to speak with anyone who wants to oppose the cell tower, and to collect and submit petitions against the case.

About the Cell Tower Permit & Property

Rodney Richardson has applied for a Special Use Permit to allow a  communications (cell phone) tower to be built and operated on his  property on Watoosa Ridge.

This notice was placed 1/4 mile off of Long Hollow Rd, not in general public view.

History of the Cell Tower Plan

The company planning to build the tower contacted several local property owners during 2013-14, but these neighbors refused to consider the offer. These are landholders who either reside on their land, or who care about the value(s) of their land and their community.

Proposed location: click to enlarge

Potential location: click to enlarge

How tall would the tower be?

The tower would be 180′ tall with a 9′  appurtenance . The tower base would be on a ridge at 977′ MSL elevation (~150′-200′ above surrounding land). Facilities including fencing and equipment shelter would have a 100′ square footprint.

 Site Coordinates:
Lat 34°51′ 17.21″ N
Lng 85°13′ 27.94″ W

The tower would be less than 1000′ from nearest residences. According to Catoosa County Code IX 9.3 (14), this is prohibited. 

  • IX 9.3 (14) Necessity for residential location. An applicant for a permit for a location in a residential area must show that the proposed area cannot be adequately served by a facility placed in a nonresidential area. In addition to the foregoing, no tower or structure permitted under section 9.3 may be located within 1,000 feet of any existing residence.

This tower would be visible from Chickmauga and Chattanooga National Military Park (Battlefield), Chickamauga, Rock Spring, Lookout Mountain, Ringgold, Lafayette and surrounding areas.

What can we do to oppose the cell tower?

About the Property

The property is 7.69 acres of wooded land, located approximately one half mile up Watoosa Rdg (Watoosa Trail), on the county line of Walker and Catoosa counties (Georgia). Watoosa Rdg meets Long Hollow Rd at East Long Hollow Rd.

Currently, there are junk vehicles, an uninhabited mobile home, dilapidated outbuildings, and abandoned cock shelters on the property.


The cell tower would:

  • decrease home and real estate values
  • be located near existing residences
  • be less than 1000′ from nearest homes
  • add more clutter to an unkempt property
  • be a nuisance to neighbors
  • strain a privately-maintained road
  • be a visual blight to the surrounding area
  • be a powerful source of microwave radiation
  • be a potential surveillance platform


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