Public Records Request: Results

I viewed the public records of the case file for #1140-14 this afternoon at the Catoosa County Planning and Zoning Office.

Please see Errata for edits, corrections and clarifications made to this site within 18 hours of viewing the public records.

Following is a transcription of my handwritten notes.

Site Plans

Verizon Wireless Tennessee Partnership, Lessee
575 Hickory Hills Blvd
Whites Creek, TN 37189
Kevin Caldwell, Construction Engineer
(615) 714-7114

Site: Blue Springs Lake, 456 Watoosa Ridge

Excell Communications, Inc
3608 7th Court South
Birmingham, AL 35222
Matt Russell
(205) 547-3578

Georgia Professional Engineer Stamped:
Clinton B Stewart
Pe 032944

Letter of Intent


Chris Kinchen, Faulk & Foster
Agent for Verizon Wireless
(678) 437-6809 (cell)

Verizon Wireless is proposing to construct a 180′ + 9′ appurtenance monopole telecommunication facility at 456 Watoosa Rdg Rd, Rock Spring, GA 30739.

This site will be named Blue Springs Lake. The objective of this site is to provide an acceptable grade of service to Verizon customers in the local service area.


Unfortunately, in this situation, no existing structures currently exist within our search area which allow us to meet the required objectives.


The tower is designed to allow a minimum of 3 co-locators and their equipment.

Application for Special Use Permit


Certificate of Ownership
/s/Rodney H. Richardson
2098 Yates Springs
Ringgold GA 30736
(423) 693-4922

Authorized Agent
/s/Chris Kinchen
1774 Highland View Dr.
St Augustine, FL 32092
(678) 302-8770

Compliance and Authorization Letter


/s/Peter Clement
Verizon Real Estate

Notarized Jean M Musa
(Mecklenburg County, NC)

for Verizon Wireless Site, Blue Springs Lake, Catoosa County, Georgia

Verizon Wireless authorizes Faulk and Foster and its employees and agents including Chris Kinchen, Zoning Specialist, to file applications and to arrange documentation necessary to obtain zoning and permitting application of the proposed project at this site.

Verizon Wireless also makes the following statements:

  • the proposed tower will accommodate collocated antennas for at least 2 comparable future users at a reasonable rate
  • Verizon Wireless will agree to remove tower and antenna within 180 days of cessation of use
  • there are no existing towers, structures or alternative technologies that can accommodate Verizon’s proposed antenna
  • there are no existing towers, structures or alternative technologies that meet Verizon’s engineering requirements, including, but not limited to height and structural strength that are located within the geographic area
  • there are no suitable existing towers, other structures or alternative technologies which could provide the services intended to be provided through use of Verizon’s proposed new tower
  • […] the proposed tower meets a currently identified need, and there are no additional locations planned to address the need in the event the proposed tower is erected. Once tower is erected, Verizon will continue to monitor it service and may propose future additions to its system in the are in the event it becomes necessary

(Untitled letter)


Excell Communications, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

The closest collocation possibility is a Crown Castle tower located 1.95 miles away from the search ring center. This is too far away from the search ring center to meet Verizon’s coverage objectives.

Also, it only stands at a height of 200′, while Verizon’s RF engineers require a RAD of 250′. So, without adding additional height to existing structure, collocation would not be possible on this existing tower.

The second option is to go on an existing, 260′ Crown Castle tower that is located 2.38 miles away from the search ring center. While it does meet RAD requirements, it is too far away from search radius center to meet Verizon’s coverage objectives.

David W Walters Jr.
Site Acquisition / Collocation Specialist

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