Who would this cell tower affect?

Cell Tower Permit Applied for in Catoosa County, Georgia; proposed tower on property at the Walker County line.

A 189′ tall cell tower would be placed at the top of Napier/Watoosa ridge, and would be visible for miles in all directions.

This permit application affects anyone who lives or travels within view of Napier Ridge (Watoosa Ridge), near the Catoosa and Walker County lines in Georgia.

  • Because the Special Use Permit  would require a variance from current Catoosa County, Georgia law, it directly affects ALL Catoosa residents.
  • Because the cell tower would be located on property at the Walker County line, it would directly affect many Walker residents.

Please study the maps on this page for more information.

View Watoosa Tower in a larger map

What if I’m in Walker?

Walker County residents are free to comment on this Catoosa County permit application, because a cell tower would impact the surrounding area. Read  More: What Can We Do? →

Where can I find information about the property owner?

Why should I oppose this tower?

There are lots of reasons. Read More: Oppose the Cell Tower →

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