Oppose the Cell Tower

Proposed cell tower would be on the Catoosa & Walker County line

Rodney Richardson has applied for a Special Use Permit to allow a cellular communications tower to be constructed and operated in Catoosa County, GA near the Walker County line, near Long Hollow Road.

Please plan to attend the following meetings to oppose this nuisance, property value killer, and eyesore:

Zoning Hearing
April 22, 2014 at 6:00 PM
Catoosa County Administration Bldg.
800 Lafayette Rd,  Ringgold, GA
more info and map →

Commission Hearing
May 20, 2014 at 6:00 PM
800 Lafayette Rd,  Ringgold, GA
more info and map →

For more information about the Special Use Permit, hearings, etc:
call 706-965-3787
Ask for zoning information about Case No. 1140-14.

County Code IX 9.3 Communications Towers and Antenna →


History of the Cell Tower Plan

The company that plans to build the tower contacted several local property owners during 2013-14, but these neighbors refused to consider the offer. These are landholders who either reside on their land, or who care about the value(s) of their land and their community.

Information about Cell Phone Towers

(potential health hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation)

About the Property

The property is neglected and abandoned.

Currently, there are junk vehicles, an uninhabited mobile home, dilapidated outbuildings, and abandoned cock shelters on the property.




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